Codex Lamenters

Written By
Paul Pratt

Images by
Will BeckNoldofinve, Tony Hough


A Brief Overview of the Lamenters Space Marine Chapter.



A history of the chapter and the major events that have defined them throughout their millennia of dedicated, but cursed service to the Imperium.

Sinful Origin
A Path Apart
Solemn Return
Maelstrom Warders
The Badab War
Penitent Crusade

Sins of the Father

The Lamenters are a Blood Angels Successor Chapter, but what sets them apart from their primogenitors?

Sins of the Father


Unlike many of their fellow Adeptus Astartes chapters, the Lamenters have a unique structure that has been born out of necessity.

Chapter Structure
Lamenter’s Fleet
Human Auxilia


A selection of the Lamenters most storied encounters.



Those that are destined to lead the Lamenters through the most trying times of the Penitent Crusade.

Lord Commander Zayin Esh
First Captain Sirk Egrevix
Chapter Champion
Veteran Sergeant Sethur
Chapter Vassel Almund

Chapter Units

A listing of the individual units that comprise the Lamenters Space Marines fighting forces and arsenal.

Auxilia Units

A listing of the brave men and women that serve alongside their Adeptus Astartes masters.


A listing of all the unique rules, stratagems, Warlord traits, relics, psychic powers, and tactical objectives.


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