Ferrus was the first Primarch I painted. My wife bought the miniature for me as a Christmas gift.

Ferrus Manus is Primarch of the Iron Hands Legion, one of the original twenty Legiones Astartes created by the Emperor of Mankind before the beginning of The Great Crusade.


ferrus front

Ferrus was not “difficult” to paint. I use that term loosely because painting a primarch is not an easy task, but he didn’t have the sheer level of intricate detail present like that of Fulgrim’s miniature. Despite that, Ferrus has an incredible amount of accessories, namely his backpack full of technological goodies, to paint.

ferris other side

One of my favorite things about Ferrus is that the miniature has a sense of motion to it. The pose is really dynamic and all the hanging cables, cords, and chains swaying about give him an incredibly kinetic feel. The miniature feels like it is a captured moment in time, like a snapshot within his scene. Some of the newer character series models from Forgeworld look wooden. Some even look ridged even though they are sculpted to be “in motion.” Because of this, Ferrus remains my favorite Horus Heresy model with Fulgrim close behind.

ferrus side

I believe the most difficult part of the model was to paint the transition between the flesh of Ferrus’s arms and his metal forearms. Making sure the transition was correct and “natural” between the two distinctly different colors was extremely important.

ferrus exploded

Like Fulgrim before him, I magnetized Ferrus’s base. The base opens up to hold the 40mm gaming piece that Ferrus is attached to in case a player wants to use him in their army. There is also a small section of the base that comes off to allow Fulgrim and Ferrus to join together in their climatic duel at the end of the novel Fulgrim. As I mentioned last time their weapons would be switched if the duel was accurate, but it is important they can exist outside of that one specific moment.

ferrus vs. fulgrim

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