I’ve been sprucing up things behind the scenes this past week.


current desk workMy primary task has been to try and finish up a few Imperial Guard projects I have laying around. Today, I finished cleaning all the loose bits for the last of those. Two wheeled chimeras, two standard chimeras, and a Shadowsword round out the last of the treaded vehicles I have (I lost one of the smoke launcher mounts for the Shadowsword though… arrrgh!). I’m going to try and get these painted up and decal-ed today. I plan on having them completely done by the end of the week. I have a mix of five various Valkyries and Vendettas I have to get done afterwards. I’ve been putting them off and I just want them done. I’m tired of looking at Valkyries.

warhound legsThat will stick a fork in the Imperial stuff. I’ll be highlighting a few of those items here and getting them set up for sale on eBay. Following that I’ll begin work on a large Ork Army then, after that, a large Tau army. Luckily, these are all cleaned, assembled, and primed. Once these have been posted for sale I’m going to try and start painting a monthly handful of new and popular models to go exclusively on eBay.

I’ve got something new in the studio that has been distracting me of late, so my productivity hasn’t been too high, at least not on the “out with old” front. There has, however, been plenty of “in with the new.”


IMG_1538I’ve also trying to expand and fill out my portfolio with my completed works. The lighting system and camera take up a lot of space so the game room has been dominated by the photography set-up for the past two weeks. Taking pictures, editing them, and posting them up can be a chore, so the task goes slowly. However, if you take a look at my Flickr stream you’ll notice several new additions.

I want to try and feature a few here, but I don’t think that will happen due to time constraints. I’m going to focus on moving forward and getting all this other stuff out as soon as possible. I will try and be diligent about doing some sort of studio update on a regular basis so you can follow along with my progress and see pieces as they move through the pipeline.


Yesterday, I worked in the studio to try and add more desk space, something I’m sorely lacking at the moment. My goal is to get more desks for the Ikea Galant system I already own. As I expand out I need more surfaces to contain my projects. Eventually i would like to have a “cleaning area,” a computer area, and a place to store some other stuff related to my drawing efforts. The main problem is that I don’t have a way to get the rather large Right and Left Return Desks back home.

mattress kingsI don’t think I could make the two hour drive with the pieces on the roof, holding them down with my hands from the drivers seat either. With my expanding stocks of paint, tools, and other art supplies my office is in severe need of numerous drawers. All of which I have picked out at Ikea, just getting the means to bring it all here is another matter entirely.

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