I wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know I’m still here. I’ve been spending the last few months on family ordeals and issues, along with an impending move to a new home. Things have been tense and family has to come first.

Project wise, I’ve been knee deep painting a now out of print Lucius Wolf Warhound Titan and an immense Ultramarines Company. I’m also putting the finishing touches to an allied Elysians list that will probably end up on eBay.

The Warhound has been an incredible challenge. I wanted to create a titan that wasn’t something you see everyday. Red and blue seem to be the typical colors chosen by most artists. I think they convey a regal look, but I wanted something that truly said “This is an earthly avatar of our deity. Come get me.” If the paint scheme works out i’m probably going to create a custom Legio and Forgeworld and paint a Mars pattern maniple in the scheme. I want to use them for 30K-40K eras.

I’m also trying to find time to finish off The Salamanders primarch Vulkan. He isn’t specifically challenging since i like going for the fluff look, but all my Primarch projects take a bit longer than normal as I think about how to approach them, both technique wise and component wise. I take a bit of creative license, but i really want to nail his “official look” as much as possible.

Once he is done I intend to move forward with the Horus painting “log” I mentioned in the last writing. I’m very anxious to start that, but I want to approach it in the right way. I might be overthinking it, though.

Thanks for sticking with me!

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