UPDATE June 4: I’m working on the true scale tutorial now! Almost done with the first article on the legs.

Sorry about the delay for the next article on true scale. I haven’t given up.

I’m waiting for my bits order to arrive. I have everything except the fresh terminator legs and torsos I need to demonstrate every step of the process from scratch. I opted for bits rather than a full terminator kit since i have those bits hanging around already. The vanilla terminator kit is rather lackluster anyway. I have several 6th edition marine kits and I already purchased my 32mm bases.

I do have a demi-squad of five true scale marines in various stages of completion, one of which is already completed, painted and all, as a proof of concept. The surprisingly thing is that the model is 95% amazing! I can’t explain to you how well the plan came together. There are only minor problems with the waist, so I may try to bulk that out with putty in the second prototype before I finalize the tutorial. Aside from some minor belt quibbles, i’ve only lost one set of legs due to an over ambitious attempt to completely straighten out the legs. I’m probably not going to attempt that for the time being.

With some of the experimenting going on, I’m working on some other advanced techniques like removing the terminator thigh guards and removing the feet and hands for repositioning. I hope to do a seperate article for these types of modifications once I’m done working with a few ideas. I will do them at the end after I’ve created the tutorials on the basic construction of the figure.

After doing some thinking and structuring the tutorial articles, i’m probably going to break the tutorial itself into two parts. One for the legs and one for the torso. Neither is “difficult” but do require some explanation on what to do. Both will have plenty of pictures. I’ve toyed with the idea of some video, but I’m not sure if I’m confident enough for all that.

Painting Vulcan is more or less done. I do still plan to do the Horus production video log. I’m excited by that project and will probably do it immediately after this true scale thing is done. After the Horus log I have an even larger project that ties this true scaling project into some of my other interests and ideas.

The bits look like they will arrive on Monday according to the tracking, so expect the first article by this time next week. I’ll probably be starting with the legs, followed by the torso, advanced techniques, and an “epilogue” post. Stay tuned!

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