The last year and a half of my life has been a living nightmare. If you read my Year of Hell post, this event and other events that came as a result of that nearly destroyed my marriage and my family on top of all the other problems. However, things are slowly improving. I’ll leave it at that.

Let’s get this show started…

Welcome to the first official post for the newly renamed site! This site will be devoted to furthering the hobby for the entire community and telling my own stories through the creation of my own miniatures… eventually. I’ve got a lot of fun stuff in the hopper, so keep an eye out.

I’m back in full swing with the true scale tutorial. Currently, I’m writing the torso tutorial and I’m prepping the sculpting tutorial. I’m hoping to have the torso tutorial posted up tomorrow-ish, perhaps Monday. Once the entire tutorial series is done I’m going to reformat it into a single, comprehensive document and repost it in its entirety. But, if you want to begin your own true scale marine journey right now you can click on the “True Scale” link under categories in the right sidebar to get all the posts in the series thus far.

Meanwhile, I wanted to post up photos of the prototype figure I made quite awhile ago to show you what you are working towards.



Last year, before I wrote the first tutorial, this figure was thrown together as a proof of concept for my son in one evening. Modifications, paint, and all. He wasn’t sure what a true scale figure would look like cobbled together from parts, even doubting my ability to produce a single figure, let alone an entire army. I wanted to show him, and myself, that this was all possible using off the shelf parts and simple processes to create a quick, satisfactory result.



Size wise he certainly blows the socks off the standard marines. Like I mentioned in the true scale series, I was 95% satisfied with this simple result. I’ve found some things that annoy me, primarily in the waist, so I’m probably going to try and find a way to shape that up some.


So there you go… proof this works. Haha. The key is that the results pay off. I’m going to try and work out the kinks in the waist before we get to that point so we can attempt 100% satisfaction.

There have been some advancements in “true scaling” since I started this tutorial. Using the Forge World Tartaros pattern terminator legs has met with huge success and has become one of the new go to standards. Also, the new Stormcast Eternals provide some interesting ideas in the true scaling department. The basic Sigmarine kit really is miniature perfection. I really wish that is how Games Workshop decided to make the 6th Edition Tactical kit.

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