The Penitent Crusade has Begun…

For Those We Cherish is a site dedicated to a unique take on the Lamenters Space Marine Chapter from the Warhammer 40000 universe by writer and artist Paul Pratt.

For Those We Cherish merges the Grim Darkness of the Far Future with what many call the “Noblebright” elements of the recent stories comiAng from Games Workshop. These two seemingly contrary states are married together through the lens of the Lamenters Space Marines, known for their selfless heroics (the noble bright) in the face of an uncaring universe (the grim dark).

Custom Miniatures and Narrative Stories

The site will explore custom miniature building taking cues from the Inquisitor 28mm (Inq28) or “Inquisimunda” movement. Each miniature will have a place in the overall story of the project, the background of each will be brought to life in brief narrative entries in the blog posts along with personal notes on the details of the miniature itself. This will form the week to week backbone of the site.

Codex: Lamenters

As a starting point for this endeavor I’ve written a Codex, available to you, for free, to explore here on the site or download as a PDF. Set immediately after the events of the Badab War, the codex shows us the status of the Lamenters at the start of their Penitent Crusade. The book delves into the storied background of the chapter, lays out rules to play as my vision of the Lamenters, and holds true to established Games Workshop canon.

Campaign Books

In the tradition of the Forge World Imperial Armor books I will also develop a series of tomes that examine pivotal moments in the Lamenter’s quest for redemption over their century among the stars. These books, like the Codex, will be available on the site to explore freely or available to download as a PDF. There are five planned in the series.


This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.