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Changes Coming

Starting in about two months this site is going to get very active. I’m moving cross country at the end of August. Once that is complete and we get settled, hopefully at the end of September, I plan on getting back into the swing of things.

Studio 0

True Scale Intermission

UPDATE June 4: I’m working on the true scale tutorial now! Almost done with the first article on the legs. Sorry about the delay for the next article on true scale. I haven’t given up. I’m waiting for my bits order to arrive. I have everything except the fresh terminator legs and torsos I need to demonstrate every step of the process from scratch. I opted for bits rather than a full terminator kit since i have those bits hanging around already. The vanilla terminator kit is rather lackluster anyway. I have several 6th edition marine kits and I already purchased my 32mm bases. I do have a demi-squad of five true scale marines in various stages of completion, one of […]

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Studio Update

I wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know I’m still here. I’ve been spending the last few months on family ordeals and issues, along with an impending move to a new home. Things have been tense and family has to come first. Project wise, I’ve been knee deep painting a now out of print Lucius Wolf Warhound Titan and an immense Ultramarines […]

ferrus vs. fulgrim
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Shameless Self Promotion

Every morning when I wake up I make my internet rounds to get the world news and events. I even check out Warhammer forums also for new rumors and information to get me pumped up about painting. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see my Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus figures featured on the front page of They had a […]

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Looking towards 2015

I’ve been struggling to write something that caps off the year… There wasn’t really any success in that department, so you are stuck with this. IDEAS ON THE FUTURE I’m a big fan of the Horus Heresy series, both the novels (save for the unnecessary draw out of the series) and the game adaptation from Forge World. In fact, the love […]

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New Commission

I received a new commission this week for a Dark Angels Deathwing army. The commission has a wide variety of models including an extensive mix of standard terminators, Dark Vengeance terminators, Deathwing Knights, one or more of each heavy weapon option, a Deathwing command squad, a Space Hulk Librarian, and Belial. There are about fifty models total for an impressive collection. I would love […]

current desk work
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A Few Changes

I’ve been sprucing up things behind the scenes this past week. Painting My primary task has been to try and finish up a few Imperial Guard projects I have laying around. Today, I finished cleaning all the loose bits for the last of those. Two wheeled chimeras, two standard chimeras, and a Shadowsword round out the last of the treaded […]