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True Scale Prototype Figure

The last year and a half of my life has been a living nightmare. If you read my Year of Hell post, this event and other events that came as a result of that nearly destroyed my marriage and my family on top of all the other problems. However, things are slowly improving. I’ll leave it at that. Let’s get this […]

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Year of Hell

I’m upset that I can’t keep this place up for very long without falling off the rails. For that I apologize, especially after my series on true scaling was going so well. I want to explain what’s been up. This isn’t for you so much as it is for myself. I just need to quantify and process everything that’s transpired in […]

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Power Swords

After each commission I take some time to reflect back on the techniques, tactics, and thoughts I collected through the experience. I intended to highlight a few thoughts in this article, but I’m just going to do one because this ran oddly long. I may do another article on the other subject, but it was me contributing to the image […]