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Paul Pratt

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A brief overview of the Lamenters Space Marine Chapter.


A history of the chapter and the major events that have defined them throughout their millennia of dedicated, but cursed service to the Imperium.

Sinful Origin
A Path Apart
– Badab War
– Penitent Crusade

Sins of the Father

What sets the Lamenters apart from their primogenitors?


Unlike many of their fellow Adeptus Astartes, the Lamenters have a unique chapter structure that has been born out of necessity.

– Chapter Structure
Lamenter’s Fleet
– Human Auxilia


A selection of the Lamenters most storied encounters.


Those that are destined to lead the Lamenters through the most trying times of the Penitent Crusade.

– Lord Commander Zayin Esh
– First Captain Sirk Egrevix
– Chapter Champion
– Veteran Sergeant Sethur
– Nethenal
– Chapter Vassel Almund

Lamenters Units

The individual units that comprise the Lamenters Space Marine Chapter.

– Captains
– Lieutenants
– Command Elements
– The Calix
– Chaplains (Cenobytes)
– Librarians
– Death Company
– Battleline Squads – Tactical Squad
– Close Support Squads – Assault Squad
– Fire Support Squads – Devastator Squads
– Veteran Squads – Sternguard, Vanguard, Terminator Squads, Terminator Assault Squads, Reiver Squad
– Dreadnoughts
– Techmarines ( Servitors)
– Rhino Platform – Rhino, Razorback, Command, Predator, Baal Predator, Whirlwind, Vindicator, Sabre, Hunter, Stalker
– Land Raider Platform – Land Raider, Prometheus, Crusader, Redeemer
– Gunships – Thunderhawk, Storm Eagle, Fire Raptor
– Transports – Thunderhawk Transport

Lamenters Auxilia Units

– Shipmasters
– Naval Officer
– Navigators
– Astropath
– Engineseers (Skilled Labor)
– Vassal, Equerry (Commissars)
– Strife Team (Squad + Space Marine Squad Leader)
– Heavy Weapon Strife Team
– Repulse Team (Veterans, Ship Combatants)
– Serfs (Conscripts, Menial Laborers)
– Servitors – Cherubs, Spirits, Combat, Drones, VariMats
– Sentinel – Scout, Armored
– Chimera – “Long Tom” Autocannon (Tank Variant), Assault Cannon (Tank Destroyer Variant), Autocannon, Lascannon, Mortar, Heavy Bolter, Rocket Launcher
– Thunderbolt Fighter
– Transports – Arvus Lighter


A listing of all the unique rules, stratagems, Warlord traits, relics, psychic powers, and tactical objectives.

House Xires Mechanicum Knights
– The “Twins”
Forge World Smythe Skitarii


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