“For those we cherish, we die in Glory!”

Unknown Lamenter, Adopted as chapter battle cry

The Lamenters are an Adeptus Astartes Blood Angels successor chapter established during the 21st Founding, or more infamously known as The Cursed Founding, near the dawn of the 36th Millennium. Like many of the Chapters created in the 21st founding, the Gene-seed of the origin chapter was manipulated in an attempt to remove the flaws and genetic abnormalities found within. In the case of the Blood Angels, the Black Rage and Red Thirst were specifically targeted. As a result, many of the chapters created at this time found themselves extremely susceptible to Chaos influence, others became mere shadows of men, mutated and deformed, many simply went insane. The Lamenters were one of but a handful that remained stable and, above all, loyal to the Imperium.

Despite their loyalty, The Lamenters are still viewed as tainted because of their association with the 21st founding. However, of all the chapters created during the cursed founding they are a relative success story. The Lamenters don’t seem to suffer from the same flaws as their forefathers, the Blood Angels, having seemingly beaten back the Black Rage and Red Thirst. But, the Lamenters do suffer from a form of extreme melancholy. When this melancholy is joined with their deep commitment to humanity, and their intense, selfless nature, the noble Chapter finds itself on the wrong side of many fortunes despite their best intentions. This has haunted them for their entire history and has led to bad blood and distrust among their fellow Adeptus Astartes. This shadow is most evident in their involvement in the Badab War.

After the Badab War, The Lamenters were granted the Emperor’s forgiveness, but, as a penance, they would be forced to undertake a 100-year crusade. This crusade would bar them from recruiting Neophytes to replace any losses incurred during the punishment. With less than four hundred battle brothers remaining out of nearly one thousand at the onset of their rebellion, the chapter’s survival rests only in the grace and mercy of the Emperor.