Since their inception, Space Marine Chapters are constantly engaged in combat operations. This is their purpose, their design, their destiny. Steeped in marshal traditions spanning over ten thousand years, the Space Marines have developed a system of iconography that eases identification in chaotic battlefield conditions. The Lamenters follows in the footsteps of these traditions with their own unique heraldry.




Preferring to stand apart from their forebearers, the Blood Angels and their second founding successors, The Lamenters chose to wear a chapter color of drab yellow rather than the traditionally worn blood red. There are conflicting reports on whether the Lamenters originally had chosen a blood red color more closely aligned with that of the Blood Angels, but is believed to have changed it to prevent the stigma of their association with the cursed founding from being another stain on their founding chapter, who already carried the burden of the red thirst and the black rage with them.

The Imperial Aquila affixed to the chest armor is gold, a common tradition among many Space Marine chapters. Some units may trim their armor in gold with veterancy, but it is rare. Today, the Lamenters are a spartan chapter with little flourishes. Aside from the most battle honored captain, the majority of the Lamenters choose not to overindulge, a discipline favored and exemplified by Chapter Master Zayin Esh as an exercise to help stymie the progress of the black rage.

Shoulder Pauldrons

Chapter Icon

The Lamenters chapter icon is that of a heart, shedding but a single, blood tear encapsulated within a white roundel over a field of black and white checks. This symbol is worn, as per the Codex Astartes, on the left shoulder pauldron. The Lamenters adopted this icon during their initial formation as a Space Marine chapter from the archives of their progenitors. The legendary bleeding heart is reported to have been one of the personal icons of the Primarch Sanguinius during the Great Crusade period.

Rank and file marines are identified by a pair of black, crossed swords worn on the right pauldron. The company placement is generally indicated by a gothic numeral placed on either knee. Squad Sergeants alternatively wear the company number on their right shoulder, a rallying signal in combat situations, with the crossed swords worn on any position on the legs or disregarded altogether. A Sergeant that has earned their terminator honors will wear that icon in black underneath a white, gothic company numeral on their right shoulder pauldron.

Helm Markings

The Lamenters utilize a concise system of central helmet markings that denote general rank grades at a glance. Traditionally, a white stripe is reserved for the Line Sergeant, however, there are no standard line sergeants remaining in the Lamenters chapter. All sergeants are vastly experienced veterans leading seasoned soldiers into combat that make up the rank and file of the company squadrons.

Vehicle Markings

Lamenters vehicle markings are just as spartan as those that adorn their armor. Vehicles are painted the yellow drab chapter colors overall with little to no flourish, save for the Lamenters coat of arms. Each vehicle is identified with a heraldic coat of arms featuring four quadrants of a shield. The upper left and lower right are the black and white check fields, similar to that of the chapter icon. The bleeding heart is in the upper right and a short list of the vehicles battle honors adorn the lower left corner. This coat of arms is displayed on all vehicles and dreadnoughts of the chapter and can be read as a storied history of the vehicles life of combat.

Relic Vehicles

There are only a handful of vehicles left within the chapter after the Badab War that have the artistic embellishments that the Blood Angels and her successors are known for.  Artistic wonders such as sculpted reliefs, beautiful frescos, and elaborate scrollwork exist on the oldest vehicles created for the chapter by the blood angels artificers immediately after the Lamenters founding. A handful of vehicles were created by the skilled artisan hands of Lamenters themselves and are held in the highest regard by the chapter. These are the most venerated vehicles, millennia old, and are not committed to battle unless the situation is dire.

The chapter icon is displayed in a low visibility monochrome version that features the bleeding heart, centered simply within a circle. This icon is displayed on all vehicles utilized by the Lamenters including all air and ground-based vehicles.

The company numeral is a white, gothic script displayed prominently in a convenient location according to the Codex Astartes strictures.

Campaign Markings

An example of various campaign badges used in the Imperium.

When fighting side by side with other Imperial forces in a campaign, the supreme commander of the operation will designate an icon to represent the campaign’s allied forces in battle. This badge, used only during the campaign, will be added to every vehicle and troop that participates in its operations whether the unit participates from the beginning, arrives to assist later, or just leave the campaign before its completion. These icons have been known to be incorporated into the battle honors, banners, and heraldry of the chapter should their contributions to the campaign be worthy of note.

For the Lamenters, all campaign records and their icons are kept within the fleet archives aboard the Mater Lachrymarum as a matter of posterity along with any battle honors earned for the chapter during those campaigns. Only a handful of battle honors have been earned by the chapter as many of the campaigns the Lamenters have participated in have lead to direct confrontation or dismissal by the campaigns commanders. During the Chapter’s crusading period on the Galactic Western Frontier, the chapter constructed its own badges in any prolonged campaign and added them to the records of the chapter.


1115_md-Artwork, Copyright Games Workshop, Imperial Guard, Land Raider, Retro Review
Human auxilia working side by side with their Space Marine allies.

Although not nearly as regal or as well equipped as the Space Marines are, The Lamenters human auxilia proudly and enthusiastically wear the chapters bleeding heart icon on their armor in combat. The Auxilia ships and vehicles that dutifully serve the chapter, such as the human Thunderbolt fighters, all display the chapter icon according to the same rules as the Marines and their equipment. This unity creates an unrelenting bond between mortal and Astarte and serves as one of the finest examples of Space Marines teamwork with their human cousins.