10394-2nd Edition, Black Codex, Imperial Guard, Symbol

The Lamenters are a fleet based chapter. They have no homeworld proper from which they recruit, at least, according to official records.  The Lamenters have a host of over one hundred vessels at their disposal, making it one of the largest non-first founding Space Marine fleets in the Imperium with a civilian human population exceeding that of many Imperial Agri-Worlds.


Like many crusading chapters the Lamenters live and operate from their fleet, but unlike many of those chapters, the Lamenters do this out of necessity. Mobility has become a valued commodity within the Lamenters to escape persecution at the hands of those they loyally protect. The dishonor of the Cursed Founding chases them through the stars and the fleet allows them the ability to try and outrun its curse.

Consisting of over one hundred ships, the Lamenters fleet is a disparate assemblage of Space Marine and Imperial Navy military vessels that protect and escort a large contingent of civilian vessels of various classes and configurations. Many of these vessels are armed to help protect the fleet in combat operations, but many of these will not participate in any direct military actions, the Chapter usually choosing to hide and safeguard the vessels during any campaigns. Mobility has always been the Lamenters greatest tactic for survival.

Included in this ragtag fleet is a large Mechanicum presence. The Adeptus Mechanicum fleet is independent, working exclusively as partners with the Lamenters, but, thus far, have been wilfully following wherever the Lamenters for many centuries. The Astartes hold no sway over the dealings of the Mechanicum and will always solicit their aid rather than expect any assistance. Their relationship is extremely strong and loyal to the Lamenters and they have always chosen to fight and participate in any way they can.

Because of their fleet size, The Lamenters commands one of the largest auxiliary serf forces in the entire galaxy. Because of their continually low chapter numbers, the serfs are used in protecting the fleet from boarding actions and used in support of Astartes assaults. They also assist in securing objectives and locations after combat. The humans among the fleet are treated extremely well and are considered an integral part of the Chapter.

Below are examples of the Space Marine and Adeptus Mechanicum vessels that travel with the fleet. Because of the divergent ships within the fleet, it is impossible to categorize all of them here.

Mater Lachrymarum

A Universe-Class Mass Conveyor, A ship of a similar disposition to the Mater Lachrymarum

Approx. 20km long, Compliment: Multiple Space Marine Chapters, 1,500,000 Serfs, Servitors

The Mater Lachrymarum is a massive vessel of unknown type or origin, a barque. The ship is roughly equivalent in physical disposition to a Universe-class mass conveyor (only by virtue of her inability to be classified) but is larger, considerably more heavily armed and armored, and not outfit for mass transit of cargo, although it does have large holds. The vessel primarily serves as the Chapter’s mobile fortress-monastery, repair dock, and gene-seed/relic repository. The Mater Lachrymarum has been upgraded to include large vessel docking facilities and expanded launch bays. There is some speculation that it hails from a time period before the Horus Heresy and it is unknown how the ship came to be in the chapter’s possession. Because of her age, there are many secrets within the vessel that have yet to be unlocked. The ship is regarded as one of the holiest relics of the Lamenters fleet and the bulk of the chapters civilian population lives within its hallowed halls.

Daughter of Tempests

An Example of an Adeptus Astartes Battle Barge

Lost, Approx. 8.5 km long, Compliment: 6 Space Marine Companies, 60000+ Serfs, Servitors

An extremely powerful Battle Barge, Daughter of Tempests served the Lamenters since their inception in the 36th millennia. The ship, like most of the Lamenter’s capital ships, is of no known standard model Battle Barge in the Adeptus Astartes inventories and was extremely powerful. The only thing for certain is that the Daughter is the original Battle Barge constructed for the Lamenters during their inception as a chapter.

Once the most notable ship in the Lamenter’s fleet, the Daughter of Tempests was lost to the Minotaurs Chapter after the Battle of Optera during the Badab War. The ship was taken as a prize for the losses incurred during the campaign. The illustrious ship was later sunk, frivolously lost by the Minotaurs in combat with the Necrons over the planet Orpheus.

Grievous Son

The Battle Barge Grievous Son

Approx. 10 km long, Compliment: 6 Space Marine Companies, 60000+ Serfs, Servitors

Like it’s once proud sister ship, the Grievous Son is an immensely powerful battle barge, well above the fighting power of almost all battle barges present in successor chapters of the Adeptus Astartes. Records have been lost as to how the Lamenters acquired the ancient ship, but it is among the oldest vessels in the fleet. With the loss of the Daughter of Tempests, The Grievous Son is now the sole, remaining Battle Barge of the Lamenters.

Strike and Vanguard Cruisers

A typical Adeptus Astartes Strike Cruiser

Approx. 4.0 km long, Compliment: 1 Space Marine Company, 15000+ Serfs, Servitors

The Lamenters have a large and diverse range of strike cruisers at their disposal. These Cruisers are not a standardized type of ship, but meet certain specifications that classify the vessel as a Strike Cruiser. Because of the rarity of the Battle Barge within the Chapter, the strike cruiser is a more widely available and flexible option, commonly deployed by itself, or with a handful of escorts, to systems that require only the presence of a company to quell any uprising or quash rising Xenos threats swiftly.

The Lamenters, being a fleet based chapter, also features a variant of the strike cruiser designated Vanguard cruisers. Vanguard cruisers are nearly identical to strike cruisers but are outfit for long-term, independent, and long-range missions. Exploration, scouting, and reconnaissance are the primary missions of the Vanguard. The ships are not tailored for planetary assault actions like their standard, Strike Cruiser brethren, but for ship to ship engagement and boarding actions. Vanguards will also serve as heavy escorts for objectives of extreme importance. For instance, when the Grievous Son is not present within the fleet, the two Vanguard Cruisers are required to escort the Mater Lachrymarum.

Mater Suspiria (Strike Cruiser)Seized – Strike Cruiser boarded and seized by the Minotaurs Chapter during the Battle of Optera of the Badab War.

Mater Tenebrarum (Strike Cruiser) – One of the three remaining strike cruisers of the original four that remain in service with the Lamenters chapter. The “Mater” trio of ships were all of the same hull configurations and boasted the most capabilities within the fleet. These three ships are believed to have been commissioned specifically for the Lamenters at the time of their founding.

Mater Dolorosa (Strike Cruiser) – Second of three remaining, original strike cruisers in the Lamenters fleet. These two ships are frequently used because of their higher survivability in transporting the few and now extremely important Lamenters Marines to their objectives.

Vitalis Sanguis (Strike Cruiser) – During the Lamenter’s initial founding, a Blood Angels command and training conclave traveled aboard this vessel to instruct the fledgling Chapter in the ways of their forebearers. After standing up the Chapter, the ship was gifted to the Lamenters. The Vitalis Sanguis is considered to be one of a holy triumvirate of ship relics in the Lamenter’s fleet including the Mater Lachrymarum, and the Grievous Son and hails from the rebuilding efforts after the Horus Heresy. The Vitalis Sanguis rounded out the four, original strike cruisers the Lamenters began their service with, of which three have survived.

The Vitalis Sanguis served as the flagship for the Second Company of Lamenters, led by Captain Sirk Egrevix, that found themselves unable to rejoin their battle brothers during the Minotaur’s final assault. The detached company attempted to assist their fellow secessionists during the remainder of the war, but eventually heeded the call of Captain Zayin Esh to turn themselves in once it was discovered Lufgt Huron was a traitor to the Imperium.

Dawn Reaper (Strike Cruiser)Seized – Boarded and seized by the Minotaurs during the climactic Battle of Optera during the Badab War.

Honored Sacrifice (Strike Cruiser)Sunk – The Honored Sacrifice was destroyed during the course of the Badab War.

Resplendent Aegis (Vanguard Cruiser) – One of the two remaining Vanguard cruisers in the Lamenters Fleet. With the loss of the Daughter of Tempests, much of the burden of fleet action lay upon the shoulders of the Vanguard Cruisers.

Unyielding Devotion (Vanguard Cruiser) – One of two remaining Vanguard Cruisers in the Lamenters fleet.

Solemn Victory (Vanguard Cruiser)Sunk – Destroyed during the course of the Badab War.

Support Ships

The Lamenters fleet employs nearly two dozen escort ships of varying classes. Most of these ships are standard configurations, but a handful are unique examples. These ships will, during normal circumstances, have a single squad of Astartes aboard serving as the commanding officers. Due to the losses incurred in the Badab War, the ships in the Lamenters fleet only have human crews now. The Astartes cannot be spared. On special missions, these ships may operate independently with Astartes assigned as needed, but will almost exclusively remain with the fleet or a larger capital ships for escort.

Gladius-Class Frigate

A typical Gladius-Class Frigate

The Gladius-Class is an Adeptus Astartes frigate that can exploit and harass openings in the enemy lines with its powerful and swift engines. The large weapons armament makes it more than an annoyance for larger cruisers. Commanders that fail to take the ship into account because of its seemingly diminutive nature will find themselves quickly exploited.

Nova-Class Frigate

A typical Nova Class Frigate

The Nova-Class mounts a non-standard, capital ship hunting lance in its prow, packing a large punch for a ship its size. The ship is unique among its Space Marine peers in that it does not have any ability to support troops. This makes the frigate exclusively a ship-to-ship combatant and encroaches into Imperial Navy territory, making it a controversial ship for those who attempt to limit Astartes power.

Hunter-Class Destroyer

A typical Hunter-Class Destroyer

The Hunter-Class is a stand-off vessel featuring multiple torpedo tubes allowing it to fire long-range torpedoes into an enemy fleet. The ship is a favorite among fleet based chapters and particularly utilized by crusading fleets that do not have regular access to Imperial Navy assistance. The Hunter-Class boasts heavier armor and faster engines than its standard Imperial Navy counterpart, the Cobra-Class Destroyer.

Adeptus Mechanicum

There are more than a dozen escort ships providing protection for the two, massive Goliath-Class forge ships that resupply the Lamenters with their war gear and repair parts. In the event of a serious fight, the Mechanicum ships will protect and attempt to evacuate the forge ships to preserve their cargo and arrange to rendezvous with the larger fleet when hostilities have ceased. During combat missions the Mechanicum forces will stay behind with the Chapter Barque and any ships that are not part of the operation.

Goliath-Class Forge Ship

A typical Goliath-Class Forge Ship

The Goliath-Class is a mobile forge world that can convert raw resources into finished war gear and parts for Adeptus Astartes Crusade fleets and Rogue Trader fleets.