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True Scale Prototype Figure

The last year and a half of my life has been a living nightmare. If you read my Year of Hell post, this event and other events that came as a result of that nearly destroyed my marriage and my family on top of all the other problems. However, things are slowly improving. I’ll leave it at that. Let’s get this […]

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True Scale Intermission

UPDATE June 4: I’m working on the true scale tutorial now! Almost done with the first article on the legs. Sorry about the delay for the next article on true scale. I haven’t given up. I’m waiting for my bits order to arrive. I have everything except the fresh terminator legs and torsos I need to demonstrate every step of the process from scratch. I opted for bits rather than a full terminator kit since i have those bits hanging around already. The vanilla terminator kit is rather lackluster anyway. I have several 6th edition marine kits and I already purchased my 32mm bases. I do have a demi-squad of five true scale marines in various stages of completion, one of […]

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True Scale Space Marines – Part 1 – A Survey

My growth as a hobbyist has evolved rather quickly over the last couple of years since I joined the ranks of table top wargamers. When I first got into Warhammer 40000 I was excited in the social aspects of gaming, namely hanging out with good friends and playing a quick round of a seemingly interesting game. However, after I got […]

Rogue Trader Marines
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Heroic Scale is Dead, Games Workshop – A Prologue

Games Workshop, I have some terrible news. In approximately 2010, heroic scale died due to being old and out of date. It was arguably in a catatonic state for at least five years previous. Unfortunately, very few people will miss it. Despite this tragic news for the gaming community, you, Games Workshop, should feel a relief because you are the foremost maker […]