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Studio 0

True Scale Intermission

UPDATE June 4: I’m working on the true scale tutorial now! Almost done with the first article on the legs. Sorry about the delay for the next article on true scale. I haven’t given up. I’m waiting for my bits order to arrive. I have everything except the fresh terminator legs and torsos I need to demonstrate every step of the process from scratch. I opted for bits rather than a full terminator kit since i have those bits hanging around already. The vanilla terminator kit is rather lackluster anyway. I have several 6th edition marine kits and I already purchased my 32mm bases. I do have a demi-squad of five true scale marines in various stages of completion, one of […]

Studio 0

Looking towards 2015

I’ve been struggling to write something that caps off the year… There wasn’t really any success in that department, so you are stuck with this. IDEAS ON THE FUTURE I’m a big fan of the Horus Heresy series, both the novels (save for the unnecessary draw out of the series) and the game adaptation from Forge World. In fact, the love […]